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TRAIN & RACE - HYDRA REGATTA, 23.03.2020-30.03.2020


The spring Hydra Regatta is organized by the Hellenic Offshore Racing Club and marks the unofficial start of the racing and sailing season. Around 70 boats can be expected at the starting line and mooring in the tiny harbor of Hydra is an experience in itself!

Depending on yacht availability, this event will be held with either the X43 or the Pogo 12.50. Two highly experienced skippers will be on board the boat providing all the necessary training to participants and securing safety and seaworthiness throughout the training and the regatta.

Our program is to check-in at the yacht in the afternoon of March 23rd and after spending the night at port, start our 3 day training before the regatta begins. The aim of the training is to get everyone in sync with the boat, practice sail trim, sail changes and essential maneuvers and finally allocate crew positions based on crew performance and competencies. The training also includes a 4 hour theory course on regatta starts, tactics and the rules.

The race consists of two 36nm legs from Faliro (just off the southern coast of Athens) to the island of Hydra on the 27th and then from Hydra to Faliro on the 29th. March 28th is a rest day at Hydra where cars and motorcycles are banned by law and has a strong maritime heritage.


Around 150 nautical miles could be confirmed if it’s a requirement for your offshore certification.

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